Prof.K Ganapathy Ayappa & Prof.Narendra M Dixit

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Department: BioSystems Science and Engineering

Semester: August - December, 2017

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Brief description of the course

Thermodynamics: Foundations of Classical Thermodynamics, Heat and Work, First and Second Laws, Phase Rule and Phase Equilibria, Thermodynamics of Adsorption and Binding, Chemical Reactions, Applications in Biology.

Transport: Importance of Transport Processes in Biology, Fluid Statics and Kinematics, Shell Momentum Balances, Navier-Stokes Equation, Diffusion and Ficks Law, Stokes-Einstein Relationship, Convective Transport, Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Transport across Membranes, Energy Balances.



Course outcomes

An appreciation of the role of thermodynamics and transport processes in biological systems; familiarity with the use of basic ideas from classical thermodynamics and transport processes to quantify and analyze relevant processes in biological systems.

Grading policy

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