Prof. Narendra M Dixit


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Department: BioSystems Science and Engineering

Semester: Jan - May

Course timing: To be Decided

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Brief description of the course

The course offers exposure to basic mathematical and statistical principles and techniques of importance to bioengineers.

The topics to be covered include: linear algebraic equations; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; nonlinear algebraic equations; fixed-point iteration and optimization methods; linear and nonlinear least squares; first and second order ordinary differential equations; Euler, RK4, and predictor-corrector methods; discrete and continuous random variables; Markov processes; Gillespie algorithm; Monte Carlo methods; hypothesis testing; parametric and non-parametric statistical tests.


Undergraduate engineering mathematics.

Grading policy

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Course outcomes

Facility with basic mathematical and statistical techniques of relevance to bioengineers; facility with associated numerical methods; exposure to the use of mathematical methods in biological systems.


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  2. Michael Heath, Scientific computing: an introductory survey, McGraw Hill,2005
  3. Steven Strogatz, Nonlinear dynamics and chaos, Westview, 2015
  4. Sheldon Ross, Introduction to probability models, Academic, 2014
  5. Sheldon Ross, Introductory statistics, Academic, 2010