Dr. Rachit Agarwal


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Department: BioSystems Science and Engineering

Semester: Aug - Dec

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Brief description of the course

This course will aim to introduce concepts of drug delivery for medical challenges. The course is designed to be modular, with each module focusing on the following topics: Diffusion and permeation of drugs in biological systems; Pharmacokinetics; Challenges and strategies for various drug delivery routes; Polymers; Drug delivery systems: polymer‐drug conjugates, matrix based systems, reservoir and erodible systems; Nano and Micro-particles; Protein adsorption and tissue engineering; Immune response to biomaterials; Vaccine; Responsive and targeted delivery systems; Nanotoxicology and Regulatory pathways. Students are expected to work on a group project to propose a drug delivery application for an existing medical need.



Additional information

The course is open to all undergraduates that have completed their second year, masters and PhD. students.

Grading policy

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Course outcomes

At the end of this course the students are expected to understand the requirements for various requirements and challenges in delivering drug for a particular application. They should also be rationally think and choose the best delivery system that is best suited for their current and future research.


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