Dr. Karthik Ramaswamy, Archives and Publications Cell, IISc


Teaching Assistant

Department : BioSystems Science and Engineering

Semester: Jan/Aug

Course timing: To be decided

Course venue: CES classroom in the Biological Sciences Building


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Brief description of the course

This course trains students to write in a clear, concise, and coherent manner while communicating their research work in conferences, journals, and thesis formats. Planning and organizing a research paper will be discussed in detail. General rules of grammar including punctuation will be taught in the context of research communication by highlighting common mistakes that should be avoided. Formatting rules will also be discussed. The students will be given exercises that will be evaluated. Oral presentation of research findings will also be discussed.



Course eligibility

The course is open to all graduate students (those pursuing PhD, Integrated PhD, and Masters programmes) but not to undergraduate students. However, the maximum number of students who can register for the course is 40.

Grading policy

To be Updated


To be Updated

Course outcomes


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