The work at BSSE is supported by various public and private funding agencies as well as industries. Some are listed below.

  • Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

    A large grant entitled 'Bioengineeeing and Biodesign Initiative' supported by DBT helped create the critical mass to establish BSSE. Three hospitals in Bengaluru were co-investigators in this grant. This grant thus helped IISc faculty in biology and engineering interface with the clinicians. For details, see DBT-BBI2 Project.

  • Dr. Anita and Animesh Mukherjee, alumni of IISc, contributed to the BEST Programme

  • Dr. Desiraju Rajagopal Rao (alumnus of IISc) and Dr. Vijaya Rao

    IISc alumnus, Dr. Desiraju Rajagopal Rao, along with Dr. Vijaya Rao, who live in Mysore, have made a generous contribution to create “Dr. Vijaya and Dr. Rajagopal Rao Biomedical Research Laboratory” in the Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) , IISc. Their contribution will support research in this area in perpetuity. Dr. Rajagopal Rao had enrolled in the Associateship Programme in Biochemistry in the mid 1950s. Dr. Rajagopal Rao conducted basic research in food biochemistry at the Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore, and retired as its acting Director. Dr. Vijaya Rao served with distinction as a microbiologist at the Defence Food Research Laboratory, also located in Mysore. This distinguished scientist couple is passionate about science, and biomedical research in particular. Their munificence is sincerely appreciated by IISc.

  • Department of Science and Technology (DST)

  • SERB, DST – Early Career Research Award. Project title " Sequential Release of Irnrnuno-Modulatory Agents and Tissue-Forming Growth Factors to Promote Wound Healing in Diabetics"

    Wellcome Trust

Giving to BSSE@IISc

BSSE is a new Centre in IISc. There are many ways to use philanthropic donations in BSSE activities. It can start from sponsoring out seminar series, support our annual research symposium, sponsor our summer undergraduate interns, and be as big as help us build a new building for the Centre or pursue a major research theme such as diabetes or technology for the elderly.