BSSE Open Day 2019

Mitali and Leeba at the "Intracellular transport" demonstration

Saurabh, Monisha, Thiruvickraman and Rebecca at the "Human-Human Interface" demonstration

Priyanka and Archana at the demonstration on "Know your drugs and its release"

Hari and Subashini demonstrating the "Flow of RBCs" using microfluidics

BSSE Open Day 2018

Parul and Ameya at the demonstration on ‘Tissue engineering, Implants and Drug delivery’

Shivani and Alakesh at the "Connect with Kinect" demonstration

Demonstration on “Bioreactor-Model for Liver on a table” by Nireekshit

Paresh explaining working of “Water purification system”

BSSE Open Day 2017

BSSE Open Day 2016

Bioengineering Open Day 2015