"Blending colours green and grey
Stemming and rooting everyday
Smiling bees in a honeycomb
Etched in our hearts as home"
- Pallavi Raj Sharma (August, 2018)

Current Chair

Previous Chairs


  • Dr. Gowri Balachander (School of Medicine, National University of Singapore)(Advisers: KC and AR): Breast Cancer Stem Cells in 3D Tissue Scaffolds
  • Dr. Sreenath Balakrishnan (Mechanical Engineering, IIT-Goa)(Advisers: GKA and SD): Investigations into the changes in biomechanics of liver cells upon Hepatitis C Virus infection
  • Dr. Rajeev Mudakavi (Ramaiah College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru) (Advisers: AMR and DC): Delivery of Bioactives for Treatment of Infections Diseases.
  • Dr. Pradeep Sathyanarayana (Medical School, Harvard University)(Advisers: KGA and SSV): Pore Forming Toxins
  • Dr. Puneet Singh (Harvard University) (Advisers: AG and AM): How Does the Central Nervous System Control Movements?
  • 2013

  • Dr. Queeny Dasgupta (Tufts University, Boston)(Advisers: KC and GM): Novel Polymer-Nanocomposites for Tissue Engineering
  • Dr. Akshay Datey (Superwave Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru)(Advisers: GJ and DC): Effect of Shock Waves on Mammalian Cells.
  • Anjali Gupta (Advisers: MMV and VS): GPCR Signalling, Innate Immune Responses, Genetics Microscopy/Imaging, Microfabrication.
  • Dr. Sharmistha Naskar (India Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata) (Advisers: BB and VK): External Electrical Field Stimulated Modulation of Cell Functionality Within Constrained Microchannels.
  • Dr. Gaurav Sankhe (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital, New York)(Advisers: ND and DS): Systems Wide Analysis of Cell Signal towards Improved Combat of Infection Diseases.
  • Varsha Vasudevan (Advisers: RP and AM): Use of Optimal Control Theory to Study Motor Control.
  • Taru Verma (Advisers: SU and DN): Analysis of disease models using light Spectroscopic Studies.
  • 2014

  • Aakash Agrawal (Advisers: KVSH and SPA): Computational Models of Biological Vision.
  • Zinia Mohanta (Advisers: CS and HSA): Novel Nanomaterials Based Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging and Therapies.
  • Ilanila I. P. (Advisers: JKB and KGA): Investigating the artificial Membrane Model Systems for Studying the Dynamics of Lipids in the presence of Different Membrane Proteins.
  • 2015

  • Aditi Jain (Advisers: KC and RS): Understanding Cardiac Failure using Engineered Biomaterials.
  • Dr. Paresh Kumar Samantaray (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Warwick, Fulbright Nehru Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-21 at Caltech)(Advisers: SB and GM): Polymeric Membranes for Water Purification.
  • Nireekshit Addanki Tirumala (Advisers: GKA and VA): Functional Regulation of Cyctoplasmic Dyein.
  • Shivani Yadav (Advisers: PKG and DG) : Speech Signal Based Monitoring and Prediction of Health Parameters towards Personalized Medical Device.
  • 2016

  • Aritra Chatterjee (Advisers: NG and PK): Investigating Mechanobiology Of Fibroblasts under Cyclic Stretching.
  • Ratnasri K. (Adviser: RR): Studying Role of Toxin-Antitoxin Systems In Bacterial Persistence.
  • Saurabh Kothari (Advisers: AG and AM): Development of ANN for Motor Control.
  • Preeti Sharma (Adviser: SJ): Protein Decoration of Micro Carrier Surfaces for Improved Radio-Imaging and Drug Delivery Application.
  • Jayashree V. (Adviser: SJ): Effect of particle uptake on cell proliferation of phagocytic macrophages, Treatment of aberrant wound healing in foot ulcer of type II diabetes.
  • Reshma V.R. (Advisers: AG and DS): Application of Multifunctional Nanoswimmers for Targeted Cancer Therapy.
  • 2017

  • Anil Vishnu (Advisers: HJP and AR): Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Phenotyping of Cancer: From Onset Through Disease Progression
  • Parul Yadav (Advisers: KC and DS): Cellular senescence in 3D scaffolds.
  • Harsh Chhajer (Adviser: RR): Quantitative modelling of Flavivirus lifecycle
  • Ameya Dravid (Adviser: RA): Delivery of Resolvin carrier for treatment of Osteoarthritis
  • Pallavi Sharma (Adviser: RA): Dry powder micro- and nano- carriers for treatment of tuberculosis
  • Alakesh (Adviser: SJ): Estimation of Neutrophils Half Life In Vivo using mouse models
  • Jan 2018

  • Divakar Badal (Advisers: AK and VS) : Mechanistic Insights into Biofilm Formation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Neha P (Advisers: NG and PK)
  • Kaamini M D (Adviser: RA) : Rapamycin PLGA carriers prevent chondrosenescence, induce autophagy -a potential treatment for Osteoarthritis
  • Aug 2018

  • Anwesha Barua (Advisers: GKA and SD) : Mechanibiology of Liver Cirrhosis
  • Mitali Shah (Adviser: VA)
  • Kishore A. S. Shri Hari (Adviser: MKJ) : Mechanisms and Implications of Phentypic Heterogeneity in Cancer Metastasis
  • Thiruvickraman Jothiprakasam (Adviser: SJ)
  • Jan 2019

  • Vishal Gupta (Adviser: RA) : Designing and in-vitro 3-D Model of Tuberculosis Granuloma
  • Subbalakshmi A R (Adviser: MKJ) : Molecula Insights into the Stability and Stemness of Hybrid Epithelial Mesenchymal Phenotype(s)
  • Aug 2019

  • Atchuta Srinivas Duddu (Adviser: MKJ) : Operating Principles of Multistable Regulatory Circuits in Cellular Decision Making
  • Farhan Adam Mukadam (Adviser: KVSH) : Application of Machine Learning in Crtical Care Management at Hospitals
  • Harsh Kumar (Adviser: VA and SSV) : Pore Forming Toxin YaxAB: Mechanistic Aspects of Pore-formation and Cellular Responses Using Single-molecule TIRF Microscopy
  • Saswat Choudhury (Adviser: KC)
  • Jan 2020

  • Rajesh Yadhav (Adviser: ST and RA) : Development of Universal Influenza Vaccine by Combining Immunogen Targets of both Humoral and Cell-mediated Immunity
  • Joel P Joseph (Adviser: DN and KC) : Biomaterial based LPS pretreatment for immunoprotection against sepsis
  • Mahatabb Nundy (Adviser: AM) : Dorsal Neck Muscle Activity: An Extrapolation of Cortical Activity During Motor Planning and Learning
  • Sameer Kumar Jagirdar (Adviser: SJ) : Engineering Innate Immune Responses Using Nano and Micro-Particulates
  • Shivangi Mishra (Adviser: AK and VS) : Investigation of microbe and host reponses in simulated microgravity environment
  • Aug 2020

  • Rakesh Kumar Pradhan (Adviser: SJ and BG) : Determining how phagocytosis of particulates affects immune cell's killing capacity
  • S. Abubakar Siddiq (Adviser: NG and DKS) : Role of aging in endothelial cell migration
  • Paras Jain (Adviser: MKJ) : Population dynamics of epithelial-mesenchymal heterogeneity in cancer cells
  • Jan 2021

  • Neeraja P S (Adviser: RA and KS) : Engineering nano-carriers against snake venoms
  • Mahesh Mahadeo Mathe (Adviser: MKJ ) : Data-based and mechanism-based models for epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity
  • Pooja Annasaheb Patkulkar (Adviser: SS ) : Evaluating pH-sensitization of immunotherapy treatment regimens with noninvasive chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI

  • Monisha Mohandas (Facility Technologist)
  • Dr. Gopalkrishna Hegde (Research Manager)
  • Dr. Seshagiri Gaonkar (Veterinarian)
  • Dr. Nilkamal Pramanik (PostDoc)
  • Dr. Priyanka Padwal (PostDoc)
  • Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar (PostDoc)
  • Dr. Akhil Kumar (PostDoc)
  • Iti Gauttam (Project Assistant)
  • Kajal Sharma (Project Assistant)
  • Priyanka Arunachalam (Project Assistant)
  • Rebecca Samuel (KIER Project Staff)
  • Virta Wagde (Project Assistant)
  • Leeba Ann Chacko (JRF)
  • Hariharan Varadarajan (Project Assistant)
  • Subasini Jayakanthan (Project Assistant)
  • Abhirami PS (Undergraduate Final Year Project)
  • Kaushik Suneet (Project Assistant)


2012 batch

2013 batch

  • Dr. Queeny Dasgupta
  • Dr. Akshay Datey
  • Dr. Sharmistha Naskar
  • Dr. Anjali Gupta
  • Dr. Gaurav Sankhe
  • Dr. Varsha Vasudevan
  • Dr. Taru Verma

    Project Staff

  • Sakshi Aggarwal (M. Phil Project Student with SJ, Current Position: Project Assistant, MCBL, IISc [Jul '15 - Jun '16])
  • Ganesh B. Pai (Project Assistant with SJ, Current Position: Scientific Officer C, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) [Aug '14 - Jun '15]
  • Ajay Kulkarni (B.Tech. Project Student with SJ) [Jan '15 - Apr '15]
  • Jerrin Mathew Thankachan (JRF with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, MCBL, IISc) [Jul '15 - Jul '16]
  • Pranav Tiwari (Project Assistant with SJ, Current Position: PhD Student, IIT Indore) [Aug '15 - Jun '16]
  • Keerthi N. S. (Project Assistant with SJ), Current Position: M.Tech Student, IIT Madras) [Oct '17 - Nov '17; Mar '18 - Jul '18]
  • Manjyot Kaur Chug (Project Assistant with SJ), Current Position: PhD Student, University of Central Florida) [Jan '17 - May '18]
  • Sachin Latiyan (Project Assistant with SJ), Current Position: PhD Student, IIT Madras) [Jan '17 - May '18]
  • Ashwini Ravi (Project Assistant with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, Bangalore University) [Jul '15 - Jul '17]
  • Stephen Sukumar (Research Assistant with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, Justus Liebig Universitat, Germany) [Jul '16 - Jul '17]
  • Rishabh Singh (Research Assistant with VA, Current Position: M.Tech Student, Boston University) [Jul '17 - Jun '18]
  • Kritika Mehta (JRF with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) [Jul '17 - Jul '18]
  • Dr. Tirthankar Sengupta (Research Associate with VA ) [Sep '16 - Nov '17]
  • Reshma Raj (Project Assistant with VA ) [Aug '17 - Aug '18]
  • Anand Sankar (Project Assistant with VA ) [Aug '17 - Sep '18]
  • Interns

  • Varsha Neelakantan (Intern with SJ) [Dec '16 – May '17]
  • Vinidhra Shankar (Intern with SJ) [Dec '16 – May '17]
  • Pallavi Tandon (Intern with SJ) [Jan '17 – April '17]
  • Mekhla Singhania (Intern with SJ) [Jun '16]
  • Amoolya Girish (Intern with VA) [Sep '16 - Dec '16]
  • Chriset Jayaraj (Intern with RA) [May '18]
  • Lakshay Sethi (Intern with RA) [Feb '18 - Jun '18]
  • Milind Singh (Intern with VA) [May '15 - Jun '15]
  • Parth Sharma (Intern with VA) [May '17]
  • Manish Ayushman (Intern with VA) [May '17 - Jul '17]
  • Keval Pandya (Intern with VA) [May '17]
  • Aditya Jeevannavar (Intern with VA) [May '18 - Jul '18]
  • Foreign Students

  • Elsa Barron, University of Notre Dame, USA (with VA) [Jun '18 - Aug '18]
  • Kayla Huemer, University of Wisconsin (with GKA)) [Jun '16 - Sep '16]

Department Curriculum Committee