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Batch 2022

Arjun S V

Arjun S V

I did my integrated master’s in bioengineering and medical nanotechnology. As a result, I have always sought interdisciplinary solutions for problems in science and medicine. I am interested in medical imaging and the synthesis and characterization of contrast agents. As an avid sports enthusiast, I also like to analyze data visually in sporting and research environments.

Works with: Dr. Sanhita Sinharay – Molecular Imaging Research Lab

Project title: Visualization of tumour glucose metabolism using photoacoustic imaging

Vijaya Vaishnavi V

Vijaya Vaishnavi V

An interdisciplinary bioengineer in the making, who loves to draw, paint, sing (at times), nurture plants and watch movies. Thriving and driven towards decoding host response to tuberculosis bacteria with a translational outlook.

Works with: Dr. Rachit Agarwal, Drug Delivery Lab

Project title: Engineering a three-dimensional (3D) hypoxic necrotic tuberculosis granuloma

Akhilesh Agrawal

Akhilesh Agrawal

Hello, I am Akhilesh Agrawal. I have completed Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery in 2020 from Sharad Pawar Dental College Maharashtra. Although from a dental background, I am primarily interested in engineering biomaterials to address musculoskeletal regeneration. My work focuses on designing and developing biomaterial inks for 3D printing. During my leisure time I enjoy listening music, watching horror movies and playing badminton. I also love to explore adventure places having breathtaking natural backdrop. I am a big foodie, I like street food and chinese cuisine. Always happy to learn and help. Please feel free to reach out!.

Works with: Prof Kaushik Chatterjee

Project title: Engineering Biomaterials for 3D Printing of Osteochondral Constructs