Welcome to the Drug Delivery Lab!
Administration of free drug to treat diseases, in many cases, is associated with critical drawbacks like off-target effects and low in vivo stability. This hinders the treatment of the disease. With our versatile expertise, we aim to reduce these shortcomings. Our lab focuses on using wide range of tools and concepts such as nano- and micro-particles, hydrogels, scaffolds and 3D organoids to generate treatment for diseases like Tuberculosis and Osteoarthritis. With our translational outlook, we plan to create clinically viable therapeutic options to treat such diseases.

Latest News

    • 31st August 2021
      Rachit is selected as an Early Career Editorial Board Member for the journal JBMR-A. Congratulations!
    • 31st August 2021
      Anil has been appointed as a senior scientist in RapidDx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Congratulations!
    • 15th July 2021
      Debarshi joins the laboratory as IISc UG final year intern. Welcome!
    • 1st July 2021
      Pranshu joins the laboratory as a project assistant. Welcome!

Latest Publications

  • Dhanabalan K.M.; Dravid A.A.; Agarwal S.; Sharath R.K.; Padmanabhan A.K., Agarwal R., Rapamycin microparticles induce autophagy, prevent senescence and are effective in treatment of Osteoarthritis. BioRxiv.
  • Goswami A.; Sharma P.R.; Agarwal R., Combatting intracellular pathogens using bacteriophage delivery. Critical Reviews in Microbiology. (2021) 1-18
  • Kalapala Y.C.; Sharma P.R.; Agarwal R., Antimycobacterial potential of Mycobacteriophage under disease-mimicking conditions. Frontiers in Microbiology. 11 (2020) 583661