2012 batch

2013 batch

  • Dr. Queeny Dasgupta  2013 (Tufts University, Boston) (Advisers: KC and GM): Novel Polymer-Nanocomposites for Tissue Engineering
  • Dr. Akshay Datey 2013 (Superwave Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru)(Advisers: GJ and DC): Effect of Shock Waves on Mammalian Cells.
  • Anjali Gupta 2013(Advisers: MMV and VS): GPCR Signalling, Innate Immune Responses, Genetics Microscopy/Imaging, Microfabrication.
  • Dr. Sharmistha Naskar 2013 (India Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata)(Advisers: BB and VK): External Electrical Field Stimulated Modulation of Cell Functionality Within Constrained Microchannels.
  • Dr. Gaurav Sankhe 2013 (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital, New York)(Advisers: ND and DS): Systems Wide Analysis of Cell Signal towards Improved Combat of Infection Diseases.
  • Varsha Vasudevan  2013 (Advisers: RP and AM): Use of Optimal Control Theory to Study Motor Control.
  • Taru Verma 2013 (Advisers: SU and DN): Analysis of disease models using light Spectroscopic Studies.

2014 batch

  • Aakash Agrawal 2014(Advisers: KVSH and SPA): Computational Models of Biological Vision.
  • Zinia Mohanta Advisers: CS and HSA): Novel Nanomaterials Based Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging and Therapies.
    Ilanila I. P. (Advisers: JKB and KGA): Investigating the artificial Membrane Model Systems for Studying the Dynamics of Lipids in the presence of Different Membrane Proteins.

2015 batch

  • Aditi Jain 2015(Advisers: KC and RS): Understanding Cardiac Failure using Engineered Biomaterials.
  • Dr. Paresh Kumar Samantaray 2015 (Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Warwick, Fulbright Nehru Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-21 at Caltech)(Advisers: SB and GM): Polymeric Membranes for Water Purification.
  • Nireekshit Addanki Tirumala 2015 (Advisers: GKA and VA): Functional Regulation of Cyctoplasmic Dyein.

Project Staff

Sakshi Aggarwal (M. Phil Project Student with SJ, Current Position: Project Assistant, MCBL, IISc [Jul ’15 – Jun ’16])
Ganesh B. Pai (Project Assistant with SJ, Current Position: Scientific Officer C, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) [Aug ’14 – Jun ’15]
Ajay Kulkarni (B.Tech. Project Student with SJ) [Jan ’15 – Apr ’15]
Jerrin Mathew Thankachan (JRF with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, MCBL, IISc) [Jul ’15 – Jul ’16]
Pranav Tiwari (Project Assistant with SJ, Current Position: PhD Student, IIT Indore) [Aug ’15 – Jun ’16]
Keerthi N. S. (Project Assistant with SJ), Current Position: M.Tech Student, IIT Madras) [Oct ’17 – Nov ’17; Mar ’18 – Jul ’18]
Manjyot Kaur Chug (Project Assistant with SJ), Current Position: PhD Student, University of Central Florida) [Jan ’17 – May ’18]
Sachin Latiyan (Project Assistant with SJ), Current Position: PhD Student, IIT Madras) [Jan ’17 – May ’18]
Ashwini Ravi (Project Assistant with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, Bangalore University) [Jul ’15 – Jul ’17]
Stephen Sukumar (Research Assistant with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, Justus Liebig Universitat, Germany) [Jul ’16 – Jul ’17]
Rishabh Singh (Research Assistant with VA, Current Position: M.Tech Student, Boston University) [Jul ’17 – Jun ’18]
Kritika Mehta (JRF with VA, Current Position: PhD Student, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) [Jul ’17 – Jul ’18]
Dr. Tirthankar Sengupta (Research Associate with VA ) [Sep ’16 – Nov ’17]
Reshma Raj (Project Assistant with VA ) [Aug ’17 – Aug ’18]
Anand Sankar (Project Assistant with VA ) [Aug ’17 – Sep ’18]


Varsha Neelakantan (Intern with SJ) [Dec ’16 – May ’17]
Vinidhra Shankar (Intern with SJ) [Dec ’16 – May ’17]
Pallavi Tandon (Intern with SJ) [Jan ’17 – April ’17]
Mekhla Singhania (Intern with SJ) [Jun ’16]
Amoolya Girish (Intern with VA) [Sep ’16 – Dec ’16]
Chriset Jayaraj (Intern with RA) [May ’18]
Lakshay Sethi (Intern with RA) [Feb ’18 – Jun ’18]
Milind Singh (Intern with VA) [May ’15 – Jun ’15]
Parth Sharma (Intern with VA) [May ’17]
Manish Ayushman (Intern with VA) [May ’17 – Jul ’17]
Keval Pandya (Intern with VA) [May ’17]
Aditya Jeevannavar (Intern with VA) [May ’18 – Jul ’18]

Foreign Students

Elsa Barron, University of Notre Dame, USA (with VA) [Jun ’18 – Aug ’18]
Kayla Huemer, University of Wisconsin (with GKA)) [Jun ’16 – Sep ’16]