“The fact that IISc has started this MTech program with a clear aim of providing opportunities for interested students to do their research in an industrial setting, speaks a lot about the farsightedness of the institute in fostering fruitful collaboration with the medical device industry that is rapidly growing in India.”

Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya

Achira Labs

“I would like to applaud the depth of the knowledge a student acquires, while completing courses and other requirements of the M.Tech program. The program seems to have a good balance of theory and practicals in various subjects, that helps the student to develop an application based approach.”

Dr. Parinita Agarwal

Pandorum Technologies

“I have had an amazing time pursuing MTech in Bioengineering… I like this program because it offers very practical courses for us.”

Ashish Kumar

First Year MTech in Bioengineering student

“The MTech program caters to both academic and industrial interests of students.”

Sayantani Garai

First Year MTech in Bioengineering student

“I feel the strong interdisciplinary focus, the flexibility given to us in choosing our courses, and the strong emphasis on research really makes this the perfect program for me!”

Amruth Bhat

First Year MTech in Bioengineering student