Research Training Programme

BE PhD students get well-rounded background in basic subjects of engineering and biology before they embark on their research in the laboratories of their two advisers. We have developed a core curriculum that all of the students must go through. There is also ample choice for taking elective courses.

  • Those who join the programme with ME/MTech/MSc (Eng.) or equivalent have to finish 12 credits. And those with BE/BTech/MSc or equivalent need to finish 24 credits.
  • Core courses of this programme (to be taken by all students)
    1. BE 203 (JAN/AUG) 0:1 Bioengineering Practicum 1
    2. BE 204 (JAN/AUG) 0:1 Bioengineering Practicum 2
    3. BE 207 (JAN) 3:0 Mathematical Methods for Bioengineers
    4. BE 213 (AUG) 2:0 Fundamentals of Bioengineering 1
    5. BE 214 (JAN) 2:0 Fundamentals of Bioengineering 2
  • Electives can be taken in any department in IISc as per the advice of the advisers.
  • BE 206 should be taken all those who have not had adequate biology when they join BE. This includes all students with their qualifying degree in engineering. 
  • All students must take a comprehensive examination before completing their two years of study in IISc


MTech Training Programme:  Click here

Archived Courses

  • BE 201  Fundamental of Biomaterials and Living Matter
  • BE 202 Thermodynamics and Transport in Biological Systems
  • BE 205 Introduction to Biomechanics of Solids
  • BE 209  Digital Epidemiology
  • BE 212  Research Communication
  • BE 217  Introduction to disease modeling
  • BE 223  Space Biology and Bioengineering