Admissions Aug 2023

Department of Bioengineering

The Department of Bioengineering offers PhD programme. Each student in this programme may have one or two advisers. If there are two advisers, each is from a different department, most often one in a biology department and another in an engineering department. This ensures interdisciplinarity in research.

Basic qualifications for eligibility (anyone of the following)

  1. Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering/Technology or Graduates of 4-year Bachelor of Science programmes
  2. MSc or equivalent degree in any branch of Science with minimum of two Mathematics courses beyond 12th Standard in BSc/MSc
  3. Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in any branch of Science (four-year degree) with minimum of two Mathematics courses beyond 12th Standard
  4. Medical degree at Bachelor’s or Master’s level in any specialization; Mathematics in 12th standard is preferred.

Interview process

Applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of their past performance in the subject matter (GATE etc.). Shrotlisted candidates will be called for an interview to be selected for the program.

Current areas of research

Biodesign, biomechanics, biomaterials, biomedical instruments, biotechnology, biomedical imaging, cell and tissue engineering, computational bioengineering, drug-delivery, immuno-engineering, mechanobiology, medical electronics, neural engineering, systems biology, telemedicine, tissue engineering, and allied topics.
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Familiarization programme

Do you have questions about projects, facilities, faculties, life@IISC, lab atmosphere, work culture, etc? Don’t hesitate, just drop us an email.
Here is the contact information of two BE students who are volunteers for familiarization program.
Mr. Paras Jain –
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Pradhan –

PhD Projects Aug 2023

Following are the PhD research projects being offered for Aug 2023:

Sl. No.
Faculty 1 Faculty 2 Topic
Dr. Mohit Kumar Jolly (BE) Dr. Sudha Kumari (MCB) Multi-scale mechanistic modeling to improve outcomes in cancer immunotherapy
Dr. Medhavi Vishwakarma (BE) Understanding the role of Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in cancer initiation
Dr. Mohit Kumar Jolly (BE) Computational Systems Biology of Cancer Metastasis
4. Dr. Rahul Roy (Chemical Engg) Next generation vaccine design against dengue virus
5. Dr. Ramray Bhat (DBG) Dr. Prosenjit Sen (CeNSE) Probing mechanical properties of circulating tumor cells
6. Prof. Nagasuma Chandra (BC) Multi-scale modelling of Inflammation
7. Dr. Sanhita Sinharay (BE) Diagnosis of bacterial infection with non invasive imaging
8. Dr. Rahul Roy (Chemical Engg) Protein engineering for designing new antivirals