Mohit Kumar Jolly

Assistant Professor

Phone : +91-80-2293 2751 (O)

Research Interests:
Computational Systems Biology, Cancer Metastasis, Therapy Resistance, Phenotypic plasticity and heterogeneity, Cellular networks, Physics of Cancer

Educational History

Post-PhD: Rice University/MD Anderson Cancer Center (2018)
PhD:  Rice University (2016)
Masters: IIT Kanpur (2012)
Bachelors: IIT Kanpur (2010)

Courses offered

BE 213 (Fundamentals of Bioengineering – I)

BE 207 (Mathematical Methods for Bioengineers)

BE 216 (Dynamical Systems Biology)

Awards / Honours / Affiliations

Will Be Updated Soon


  • Chauhan L*, Ram U*, Hari K, Jolly MK (2021). Topological signatures in regulatory network enable phenotypic heterogeneity in small cell lung cancer. eLife, 10: e64522
  • Sahoo S, Mishra A, Kaur H, Hari K, Muralidharan S, Mandal S, Jolly MK (2021). A mechanistic model captures the emergence and implications of non-genetic heterogeneity and reversible drug resistance in ER+ breast cancer cells. NAR Cancer, 3 (3): zcab027
  • Hari K, Sabuwala B, Subramani BV, La Porta C, Zapperi S, Font-Clos F, Jolly MK (2020). Identifying inhibitors of epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity using a network topology based approach. NPJ Systems Biology & Applications, 6: 15