Vishwesha Guttal

Associate Professor

Phone : +91-80-2293-2872 (O)

Research Interests:
Self-organization and collective behaviour in biological systems. Theory, mathematical modelling and large-scale data analysis of biological systems.

Educational History

Post-PhD: Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, USA.
PhD: Department of Physics, The Ohio State University, USA.
Masters: Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur
Bachelors : Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur

Courses offered

EC 201: Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology (in Jan semester, alternate years).
EC 303: Stochastic and Spatial Dynamics in Biology (in Aug semester, alternate years).

Awards / Honours / Affiliations

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  • Jhawar, J., Morris, R. G., Amith-Kumar, U. R., Raj, M. D., Rogers, T., Rajendran, H., & Guttal, V. (2020). Noise-induced schooling of fish. Nature Physics16(4), 488-493.
  • Rathore, A., Sharma, A., Sharma, N., Torney, C. J., & Guttal, V. (2020). Multi-Object Tracking in Heterogeneous environments (MOTHe) for animal video recordings. bioRxiv:
  • Sankaran, S., Majumder, S., Viswanathan, A., & Guttal, V. (2019). Clustering and correlations: Inferring resilience from spatial patterns in ecosystems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution10(12), 2079-2089.