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Batch 2023

Aug 2023

Ankush Kumar Sharma

Ankush Kumar Sharma

Hey there! I’m Ankush, and I call the tranquil city of Ranchi my home. I’ve got a solid foundation in computational and experimental biology, and I’m on an exciting quest to uncover data-driven solutions to intriguing biological puzzles. Feel free to connect for more!

Works with: Prof Rahul Roy

Project title: Investigating Antigen Evolution under Immune selection in Viral Infections

Arnab Kumar Pal

Arnab Kumar Pal

A chemical engineer turned biosystems engineer, I am broadly interested in unravelling the complexity of human diseases, their initiation and progression using multi-scale models. My current research will be focused on system-level modelling to decipher the crosstalk and adaptability of innate immune response within the dynamic tumor microenvironment.

Works with: Prof Nagasuma Chandra

Project title: Multiscale models for inflammation in cancer

Bidita Samanta

Bidita Samanta

A student of Biotechnology with the passion to make a difference in the therapeutics world, I am interested in the interdisciplinary field of Microfluidics that can be utilised in the study of Cancer Biology. My generic interests include Singing, dancing and painting.

Works with: Dr. Ramray Bhat and Dr. Prosenjit Sen

Project title: Application of microfluidic organ-on-a-chip device for mechanical characterization of metastatic tumour cells.

Dr. Roshni P

Dr. Roshni P

I am a medical doctor exploring how emerging imaging technologies can be used to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment

Works with: Dr Sanhita Sinharay (IISc), Dr Anuradha Chandramohan (CMC, Vellore)

Project title: Photoacoustic imaging in ovarian cancer