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Ratnasri K

Ratnasri K

I am a graduate student in Dr Rahul Roy’s group. My PhD thesis work involves studying single cell heterogeneity in bacterial systems using a variety of techniques including microscopy, flow cytometry, mathematical modelling and conventional microbiology. We are interested in how gene expression varies from cell to cell in an isogenic bacterial population and its effects on protein production as well as phenotypic response of the cell.
In general, my scientific interests align with finding engineering solutions to questions in fundamental biology and healthcare. Outside of work I enjoy reading, trekking and occasional volunteer work.

Works with: Dr. Rahul Roy

Project title: Single cell heterogeneity and its consequences in bacterial systems

Saurabh Kothari

Saurabh Kothari

I have broad interests in systems and computational neuroscience, ethology, AI, robotics, and biomechanics. Currently, I am using computational models to understand how a network of neurons enables biological motor control and learning.

Works with: Prof. Aditya Murthy (CNS), Prof. Ashitava Ghosal (ME)

Project title: Computational models for biological motor control and learning